Purple Poop


do you ever just start watching a show because you hear there are lesbians



Damn that guess my fav character meme is fun >:U Except I go in guns blazing, head held up high thinking “Yes. I’m right! No one will guess this, EVER!” And it’s like haha nope!!

It’s like Werewolves syndrome all over again. I literally can’t believe how right I think I am when I’m not :””D I hope I’m never on a Jury panel cause I will be so wroooong.

HOLY Shit that was fun, round 2 please!!


karasuno (complete)
I kept on inking and inking characters and there were still more

I keep thinking Luka is this beautiful stoic babe who puts up with everyone’s shit (Miku’s high energy levels and Kaito having a crush on her and shit) and everytime I see Luka on my blog that just gets thrown out the window.

I think it’s time to consult Christine about Luka and get the real scoop.


I saw this suit from behind and had to get pictures. One was an accident when they turned around but came out kinda cool still. I wish I had asked the maker too guh.

I went to mcdonalds to get 6 pancakes and asked for 6 pancakes and they ended up giving me 6 trays of 3 pancakes like holy hell McDonalds, how did I fuck that order up like seriously??

There were so many signals that told me something’s wrong and I’m so fucking dimwitted to ignore them all. $22.59 for 6 pancakes? Oh, okay sure. What? All these bags for 6 pancakes? Oh okay. It was only when I got home I was like oh…oh okay.

It’s funny now after the fact I guess but I really wish I wasn’t so complacent when things go wrong, that’s how I get fucked over >:u




someone messaged me asking how i make my fursuit heads and i said i’d do a quick tutorial!

i left out ALOT of small details and other things like how to make a balaclava and etc but this is the basics. i didn’t want to write a book. if you have any questions you can just ask me separately.

i know its probably not the best tutorial but i hope it helps someone!

i should of typed because my handwriting is bad

Well drawn how to on making a fursuit head.
As always, doesn’t matter if you’re aiming for toony or realistic, just depends on the shapes you use.